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[texts]Zur Reform der Industriekartelle : Kritiesche Studien - Tschierschky, Siegfried, 1872-
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Cartels; Industrie and State
Downloads: 297
Cartel's thumbnail
Keywords: El Paso Cartels
Downloads: 237
[texts]Battle of Detroit [microform] : an impartial account of the fierce war waged in the Board of Education by the typewriter trust against the Oliver Typewriter, in the year 1899 - Linotype Company
Filmed from a copy of the original publication held by the Seminary of Quebec, Library
Keywords: Typewriters; Cartels; Schools; Machines à écrire; Cartels; Écoles
Downloads: 269
[audio]Drugs and Gangs How Does it Work? - Ned Wicker
Myra, a research expert on drug gangs in the US, discusses how buying drugs on your local street corner supports drug cartels and violence, this week on Recovery Now!
Keywords: drug addiction; alcoholism; drug gangs; street gangs; drug cartels
Downloads: 385
[movies]cartels and police corruption: inside mexico's drugs war part 1 - press tv
This social documentary shows how drug mafia and cartels have infiltrated the Mexican Police at different layers. ==== cartels and police corruption: inside mexico's drugs war part 1
Keywords: mexico; drugs; cartels; police; corruption; august; 2010; press+tv; random
Downloads: 765
[texts]Confessions of an Economic Hitman - John Perkins
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man reveals a game that, according to John Perkins, is "as old as Empire" but has taken on new and terrifying dimensions in an era of globalization. And Perkins should know. For many years he worked for an international consulting firm where his main job was to convince LDCs (less developed countries) around the world to accept multibillion-dollar loans for infrastructure projects and to see to it that most of this money ended up at Halliburton, Bechtel, Brown and ...
Keywords: John Perkins; Economic Hitman; Banking Cartels; Monoploy; slave labor; globalization
Downloads: 20,732 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Controlling world trade - Mason, Edward S
Keywords: Trusts, Industrial; Raw materials; Commercial policy; Commodity control; Cartels; Materias primas; Política comercial; Echanges. Commerce international; Etats-Unis. Commerce extérieur; Economie. Cartels; Trusts; Politique commerciale; Matières premières
Downloads: 139
[audio]Weekly Edition - What In The World Has Happened To America Pt.3 - Amir Raheem
6 year old on "No Fly List"The Federal Bureau of Investigations in Cleveland will confirm that a list exists, but for national security reasons, no one will discuss who is on the list or why. The Thomas family was allowed to make their trip but they were told to contact Homeland Security to clear-up the matter. Alyssa just received a letter from the government, notifying the six-year-old that nothing will be changed and they won't confirm nor deny any information they have about her or someone e...
Keywords: no; fly; list; homeland; security; federal; deposit; insurance; corp; healthcare; commonwealth; fund; report; mexican; drug; cartels
Downloads: 40
[movies]Blogs4Borders! 063008 - MJ & Jake Jacobsen
Our weekly vlog -- video podcast on illegal immigration and border security issues. In this weeks edition... Budget Woes? Several states are cutting benefits for citizens, are they missing something obvious? 100% Preventable! Americans continue to pay the bloody price for open borders! When will the madness end? The Other War: Mexican drug cartel hitmen assassinate a Phoenix drug dealer. Is there a Mexican military connection?
Keywords: illegal immigration; open borders; deportation; vlog; podcast; rape; criminal alien; mexico; drug cartels
Downloads: 245
[audio]The Len Budney Show Episode 29 - Leonard R Budney
Terry in California writes, “You claim that competition between gas stations keeps prices down, but what if they agree together to fix prices? They can make a killing by banding together...” What Terry is describing is called a cartel, an organization of suppliers for the purpose of price fixing. Economists have recognized for years that cartels don’t work in the long run, or even the short run...
Keywords: cartels; energy crisis; oil crisis; doomsday; myth; doomsday myth; ama; unions
Downloads: 570
[movies]cartels and police corruption: inside mexico's drugs war part 2 - press tv
This social documentary shows how drug mafia and cartels have infiltrated the Mexican Police at different layers. ==== cartels and police corruption: inside mexico's drugs war part 1
Keywords: mexico; drugs; cartels; police; corruption; august; 2010; press+tv; random; documentaries
Downloads: 959
[audio]Reality Bytes Radio With Guillermo Jimenez & Danny Benavides - Neil Foster
Guillermo Jimenez & Danny Benavides of discuss the continuing drug war in Mexico, the massacres of student protesters and the complicity of the media and government officials with the drug cartels
Keywords: Reality Bytes Radio; Neil Foster; Guillermo Jimenez; Danny Benavides; Mexico; Talk Radio; Drug Wars; Cartels; Students Mexico; Corruption; Live Interview
Downloads: 37
[movies]Infowars Special Report: US Drug Running & Gerald Celente - August 4 2011
Alex discusses recent revelations surrounding the U.S. government allowing cocaine to be trafficked into the United States by Mexican drug gangs. He also welcomes Gerald Celente. Gerald sounds the bell about the fact that the US dollar isn't worth the paper it is printed on. Alex also talks with the trends forecaster about the debt deal and what's coming for the American and global economies down the road...
Keywords: Alex Jones; Infowars Nightly News; Infowars Special Reports; Prison Planet TV; drugs; drug; running; Mexiico; Mexican; gangs; cartels; Gerald Celente; dollar; economy; economic collapse; debt
Downloads: 72
[texts]Siete Minutos Number 26 ( Autosaved).doc 4 ( Autosaved) - Ismael Camacho Arango and Maria Camacho
"Siete minutos" is about the life and death of Homer, as a foreigner in the country of Colombia, as he becomes the richest man on the planet. Homer likes women but he also likes money.  Follow Homer's adventures through a land he calls reality and up to the end of time.
Keywords: Homer; Greek; Colombian; time; reality; sexy; girls; coca; drugs; cartels; fractal; path quantum; realism; crazy; colombiano; cafe; muchacho; chica; bonita; atractiva
Downloads: 10
[movies]Infowars Special Report: Super-Congress Paves 'Super Highway' to Gun Control
An Infowars Special Report covers the breaking news that the unconstitutional powers now being handed to the Super-Congress under the debt ceiling deal will be used to pursue gun control legislation, which has been too inflammatory to introduce under regular House and Senate rules. This, even as President Obama begins to restrict the 2nd Amendment via new ATF regulations placed on gun dealers throughout the Southwest United States in the name of stopping the flow of arms to drug cartels South of...
Keywords: Alex Jones; Infowars Nightly News; Infowars Special Reports; Prison Planet TV; Aaron Dykes; Super Congress; gun; control; dealers; Obama; 2nd Amendment; Second Amendment; ATF; drug cartels
Downloads: 56
[texts]The control of trusts; an argument in favor of curbing the power of monopoly by a natural method - Clark, John Bates, 1847-1938

Keywords: Trusts, Industrial; United States of America; economic history; trusts, cartels, antitrust policy; Verenigde Staten; economische geschiedenis; afzonderlijke terreinen; ondernemingen; trusts en kartels in het algemeen
Downloads: 164
[texts]Costa Rica Will Stop Sending Tons Of Cocaine To Miami - For Now
The US Air Force recently airlifted nearly 24 tons of cocaine from Costa Rica to Miami, the cocaine capital of the world, in a program described as being “shrouded in secrecy”. According to the Costa Rica Star, a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III out of Dover Air Force Base landed at the Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport (LIR) on Saturday July 27, loaded almost 24 tons of cocaine in pallets and then set off for its ultimate destination of Miami, but not before stopping in Nicaragua and H...
Keywords: government; war on drugs; drugs; gun running; mena; drug lord; bill clinton; drug smuggling; blow; cocaine; borders; DEA; cartels; government operation; arkansas; miami; florida; fast and furious
Downloads: 51
[movies]2 Living ETs Working with US Government
2 Living ETs Working with US Governmentfrom Mike 1 day ago not yet ratedPaul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense of Canada reveals:- Some ETs Species who have visited and still visit Earth: Zeta Reticuli , Pleiadians, Orions ETs,- Tall Whites living on US Airforce Property- CABAL: Military Industrial Complex, Builderbergs, Cartels- Shadow Governments, Ruling Elite, Rockerfellers, Bush etc.
Keywords: Paul; Hellyer; 2; Living; ETs; Working; with; US; Government; Zeta; Reticuli; Pleiadians; Orions; Military; Industrial; Complex; Builderbergs; Cartels; Shadow; Governments; Ruling; Elite; Rockerfellers; Bush
Downloads: 85
[texts]National Lampoon v1n41 1973-08 - Strange Beliefs
National Lampoon v1n41 1973-08 - Strange Beliefs
Keywords: lampoon; copyright; national; psychology; madison; spiggy; tion; cartels; national lampoon; lampoon copyright; brass monkey; sir edwin; white house; psychology ptoday; shelter recording; strange beliefs; full color; tricky dicky
Downloads: 159
[texts]Conquest of the tropics; the story of the creative enterprises conducted by the United Fruit Company - Adams, Frederick Upham, 1859-1921

Keywords: United Fruit Company; Fruit trade; Bananas; Frutas, Comercio de; Banano; Trópico; Amérique Latine. Production. Agriculture. Avant 1914; Etas-Unis. Economie. Cartels
Downloads: 57
[audio]Conspiracy Cast 3: Drugs
3rd episode of conspiracy cast
Keywords: Drugs; Conspiracy podcast; funny podcast; cannabis; weed; weed podcast; stoner; drug podcast; discussion; douchebag; drugs in comedy; drug conspiracies; cartel; cartels; conspiracy cast
Downloads: 599
[audio]WDFP Radio - The Denise Simon Experience - March 6, 2014 - Topic: DEA Corruption - Stand Up America US
WDFP Radio - The Denise Simon ExperienceHosted by DENISE SIMONThis week's Guests:  Retired DEA agent, Hector Berrellez and Retired DEA agent Phil Jordan, who once led DEA’s El Paso Intelligence CenterTopic:  The Corruption within the DEA, ATF and DOJOfficial Site:  www.WDFP.usOfficial Site:
Keywords: DEA; ATF; DOJ; corruption; Hector Berrellez; Phil Jordan; denise simon; drugs; war on drugs; mexico; cartels; guzman; drug running; gun running; fast and furious; texas; el paso; wdfp; conservative; talk radio
Downloads: 15
[audio]The Mexican Elections 2012 - Sounds of Dissent
Corrupt media coverage emerges as a major campaign issue on the eve of Mexico's presidential election, thanks to a growing student movement in Mexico and an ongoing investigation by the British newspaper The Guardian. This story and more with Peter Watt, co-author of the new book Drug War Mexico: Politics, Neoliberalism and Violence in the New Narcoeconomy. Radio interview by Amy Grunder, first aired live on Sounds of Dissent on WZBC 90.3 FM Boston on 2012-06-30...
Keywords: Mexico; corruption; media; presidential election; social movements; Latin America; Neoliberalism; drug cartels; NAFTA; Institutional Revolution Party; PRI; Party of National Action; PAN; Democratic Revolution Party; PRD; student movement; #YoSoy132; Lopez Obrador; Pena Nieto; war on drugs; Drug War Mexico; Narcoeconomy; Peter Watt
Downloads: 14
[audio]Aug. 3, 2014 Alan Watt Blurb - "Should We Fear the Biotech-engineer?" - Alan Watt
Aug. 3, 2014  Alan Watt       Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk)"Should We Fear the Biotech-engineer?"© Alan Watt Aug. 3, 2014Asking Questions - Personality Profiles - Doublethink - Chemtrails/Geoengineering - Murder Stories - Eradication of Western Culture - Cold War - Bright Lights of the City - Born-Again Christians - Perpetual War - Monied System - Eras of Civilization - Mathematical Laws - Immortality - Personas - School and Leisure Class - Cartels - Business Runs the World - Wealthy Psy...
Keywords: Questions; Personality Profiles; Doublethink; Chemtrails; Geoengineering; Murder Stories; Western Culture; Cold War; Cities; Born-Again Christians; War; Money; Civilization; Mathematics; Immortality; Personas; School; Leisure Class; Cartels; Business; Psychopaths; Biotech; Revolutions; Hollywood; Culture; Viewpoints; World War I; Oh! What a Lovely War; War Industry; Depopulation; Biological Warfare; Ethnic-Specific; Pathogens; Antidotes; Genetically-Modified Seeds; Pesticides; Vaccines; Chains; Bioengineering; Humanity; Insanity; Life Extension
Downloads: 10
his lawsuit addresses the trade in the United States of natural gas condensate stolen in Mexico. Natural gas condensate (or simply âcondensateâ) is a mixture of hydrocarbon liquids that is produced with natural gas. Condensate is generally transported in liquid form and used as feedstock for refineries and petrochemical plants. Because condensate often contains few contaminants and is easily refined into high-value oil products, it generally competes directly with light crude oil in downstream...
Downloads: 681
[texts]Eric Holder, PATCON, and Sandy Hook - A Screenplay Open Project
A simple outline for a screenplay dealing with the historical context, and probable government involvement in, the Sandy Hook massacre. Those with the resources to make a decent go of it are welcome to take it all the way to a film, or to improve it. Being that the subject has turned into a fairly massive one, in terms of the sheer topical spread, it may be best to break it down into smaller films, with a narrower focus...
Keywords: sandy hook; massacre; screenplay; vance; barack obama; fast and furious; drug cartels; outrage; feinstein; scandal; gun walking; gun running; fast and furious; hearings; BJA; fusion centers; open project; facts; witnesses; details; timeline; outline; police; newtown; false-flag; adam lanza; peter lanza; nancy lanza; eric holder; PATCON; conspiracy; editing; writer; cover up; Christopher A. Rodia; car; End the life of Adam; scanner; radio; video; films; documentary; Paul Vance; exercise; drill; setup; hoax; missing; governor; SWAT; identity; project
Downloads: 202
[audio]People United - August 24, 2012 - Allan Campbell
Episode features a conversation about the context and consequences of current drug and arms policies in the United States and Mexico. Josefina Castillo and Miguel Rodriguez of Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera and Ana Yanez-Correa of the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition spoke in the KOOP Studio on August 1, 2012.
Keywords: People United; 91.7 FM; KOOP Radio; Austin TX; community radio; Josefina Castillo; Miguel Rodriguez; Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera; Ana Yanez-Correa; Texas Criminal Justice Coalition; Carvan for Peace with Justice and Dignity; Javier Sicilia; United States; Mexico; drug war; war on drugs; cartels; narcos; casualities; Fast and Furious; arms; policies; drug; regulation; decriminalization; trade; rehabilitation; health; militarization; School of the Americas; Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation; Latin America; North America Free Trade Agreement; NAFTA; free trade; neoliberalism; fair trade; border issues; social justice; global justice; current events
Downloads: 9
[movies]The Federal Reserve, Rothschild, and Vatican Banking Cartels - Forbidden History
A feature showing the history (never taught in public schools) of how the oligarchs got control of the US government and the system of money. The reason you've probably never heard this information is the decision of the same oligarchs in 1914, that they must get control of the educational system as well, to prevent a reversion of the US system to a Constitutional basis. Interesting stuff. Before Barack Obama - Wall Street's First Attempt at a White House CoupBarack Obama - The Wall Street Puppe...
Keywords: banks; Fabian Socialists; vatican; Patriot Movement; documentary; feature; government; obama; slavery; cartels; monopoly; congress; FEMA; shadow government; senate; white house; gold; film; washington; eugenics; guidestones; election; elections; tea party; patriots; tea party patriots; OWS; occupy; vote; 2008; 2009; 2010; economy; mansour; khalid al-mansour; donald warden; trade; investment. CIA; America; United States; citizenship; Tarpley; webster tarpley; RT; Wall Street; marketing; Madison Avenue; Bernays; brainwashing; mind control; public relations; manipulation; democracy; illegal president; foundations; tax-exempt; Marketing; Obama; rothschild; Axis; corporations; corporate elite; madison avenue; marketing; focus groups; zbigniew; oligarchs; minority; rule; oligarchy; mullins; iran; elections; green; green revolution; symbols; national socialism; NWO; illuminati; world; world domination; war; banking; manipulation; fed; federal reserve; U.S; U.S.A; campaign; debt; loans; whitehouse; greed; robber
Downloads: 1,316
[movies]Living on the Border (trailer) - Karl W Hoffman
Living on the border details  a small segment of our world. This is not a documentary just about the plight of the illegal migrant, the vanishing of the last American Frontier, and the collateral damage caused by our own actions, Because of itâs vast intricacies the border documentary is a mirror for all of humanity to peer into themselves and to show each other how we humans continually act. It is about the truth and what really happened here on the border at the turn of this century...
Keywords: Arivaca; No More Deaths; Samaritans; Humane Borders; Border Links; Humanitarian Aid; Migrants; illegal border crossing; immigration; INS; ICE; Homeland Security; Border Patrol; Border Protection and Customs; United States; National Guard; Sasabe; Arizona; Border Issues; Government; American Mexican Border; Karl W Hoffman; Migrant Workers; Wet Backs; Hispanic; Living on the Border; Wild Fires; Friendship Park; San Diego; Walls; Fences; Surveillance Towers; Project 28; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; U.S. Department of the Interior; Public Affaires; Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge; South West Region; tickets; Littering; Customs and Border Protection.National Wildlife refuge System; Arivaca Road; Ruby Arizona; Cartels; Water Jugs; Gene Lefebve; John Fife; Steve Johnson; St. Mark's Presbyterian Church; South side Presbyterian; Documentary; Tubac; Border Check Stations; Illegal Drugs; Desert; Sonoran Desert; Wackenhut; deportation; Desert Deaths; Tucson Air Branch
Downloads: 205
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